We Run

Our members love to run and walk, and we love to help facilitate that for them! The typical running month is made up of club-hosted runs and member-led social runs.

Club-Hosted Runs

Each month we have 4-5 club-hosted runs. Typically, at a minimum, there is a speedwork, a hillwork, a monthly Saturday club run, and a social run. We love exposing members to new places they may not even know are perfect running locations! So it's rare for our runs to repeat locations over time. Run locations are also picked to try to allow everyone a chance to sometimes have a shorter drive to get to the run.

Member-Led Social Runs

Want to lead a run in your area? Members post their runs on our Members-Only Facebook group routinely. As a club member, don't forget to take advantage of this! It can be a recurring weekly, semi-weekly, or monthly run, or just a one-time thing. What a great way to meet some runners who you might never have known live in your area!


We’re Brainstorming Additional Future Fun and Social Events

If you have ideas of what you’d like to do, please don't hesitate to contact us!




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